Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Crisis: Special Presentation and Panel Discussion

25 March '19 at 4:00 pm - 25 February '19 at 5:00 pm

Monday 25 March 4:00pm
Special Presentation and Panel Discussion: Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Crisis
BBC Arabic Digital Investigation

In recent years, the digitization of cultural preservation has become a priority among researchers, artists, and developers at institutions ranging from the Victoria and Albert Museum to UNESCO. This special event explores the role of investigative documentary in these efforts, unearthing histories and contemporary threats – such as siege, bombing, looting and smuggling – to their remains. Using digital technology to advance their investigation, BBC Arabic have been able to capture stories in more detail than ever before, presenting an opportunity for future generations to experience, examine and study these sites. Exclusive presentations will be followed by an expert panel discussion on media and technology’s role in cultural preservation. Speakers include Bettany Hughes (historian/broadcaster); Sarah Nankivell (Forensic Architecture); Vernon Rapley (Victoria & Albert Museum); Alexy Karenowska (Institute for Digital Archaeology); Rosie Garthwaite (BBC Arabic).


BBC Radio Theatre

W1A 1AA, London


BBC Arabic

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