29 September '21 at 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm

El Andaluz are the leading London exponents of classical Arabic & Andalusian music.
El Andaluz take their audience on a journey around the Southern shores of the Mediterranean, through the Saharan Sufi sounds.

They never fail to end the evening by getting any audience on their feet, dancing to the celebratory Chaabi music of Algeria, or to a classical Egyptian belly dance; this show will be no exception.
The second half of the night will be a creative explosion with various guests from Sudan (Asya Satti), Algeria (Lyne) , the UK (Rachel Bartelett) and Japan (Yuko TSUBAME). Set to be the perfect night out!

About Culturama
Culturama is a non-profit organisation; with the sole focus on promoting culture in all its senses. With a general focus on Africa and a more tunneled one on North Africa and Algeria, Culturama aims to promote unexclusively African culture, music, theatre and literature


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