Environmental Sustainability Workshop – Arab Women Artists Now

15 March '18 at 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

AWAN Artistic Development Workshops in partnership with The Arab British Centre presents:

Environmental Sustainability with Sholeh Johnston, Clore Fellow and Associate of Julie’s Bicycle

Attend all three AWAN artistic development workshops for £15 instead of £11.07 per workshop. Buy all day ticket HERE

Julie’s Bicycle is a global charity bridging the gap between art, culture and environmental sustainability. They work with hundreds of artists and creative organisations to take practical action on climate change, create work in response to environmental themes, and collaborate to influence policy change. The organisation is also the initiator of Creative Climate Leadership, the world’s first leadership programme focused on climate change for creative practitioners and artists. www.juliesbicycle.com

Sholeh is a coach, facilitator and Associate of Julie’s Bicycle, where she was previously Head of Creative Programmes. She has over ten years’ experience across the creative industries exploring the role of culture in systemic change, and has worked across different art forms in the UK and internationally on issues such as climate change and environmental sustainability, climate justice, intercultural understanding, and wellbeing. She has conducted research into sustainable touring and production, and has recently completed a report into how artists and creative organisations are contributing to sustainable development and climate justice in South Africa. Prior to her work at Julie’s Bicycle, Sholeh organised R&D study visits and collaborative artist labs between the UK and the Middle East.

Artistic Development Workshops Curator : Laura Rakotonirina

Workshop Fee: £11.07. Book your ticket here
Arab Women Artists Now (AWAN) Festival 2018:

AWAN, which is about to enter its 4th edition, showcases the work of contemporary Arab women artists in the UK, Europe and beyond, providing opportunities for artists and audiences to celebrate, be informed and network whilst exposing new audiences to the work of these often marginalized artists, providing a platform to present the work of Arab Women Artists Now – AWAN 2018.


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AWAN and The Arab British Centre

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