Faiz Sara Life Between Damascus and London Exhibition

1 February '23 at 10:00 am - 11 February '23 at 4:00 pm

Life Between Damascus and London will showcase a collection of over 15 years of art works created by Faiz Sara. Starting out with a few pieces made while he was imprisoned in Syria, to challenge the persecution and oppression he faced, the collection grew beyond his time in prison, and his journey in seeking a safer place in London, like many Syrians. The diverse range of works is made from recycled consumable materials, including wood, date and olive stones, coffee and tea residues, metal cans and copper strips. This exhibition will be interpreted in English and in Arabic.

IN-PERSON: at Grand Junction, Undercroft (basement level)

1st – 11th February 2023, Monday – Saturday (closed Sundays), 10am -4pm


Grand Junction

Rowington Close, London W2 5TF
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