SAFAR Film Festival 2018: Fallen Angels Paradise

16 September '18 at 6:00 pm

FALLEN ANGELS PARADISE/Gannat Al Shayateen + Q&A with Joseph Fahim

Oussama Fawzi | Egypt | 1999 | 79 min

A middle-aged man dies of a drug overdose in a shabby Cairo bar, surrounded by his young thug brethren and his prostitute mistress. The man, the mistress reveals, has a wife and a daughter whom he deserted ten years ago, along with his Coptic Christian bourgeois life. The mistress decides to inform his family about his death to the chagrin of the gang who suspect that the man is still alive. Soon, the two groups begin to fight over his corpse over the course of a long and hazy night. Based on a short story by Brazilian writer, Jorge Amado; Egyptian Oussama Fawzi’s sophomore film is one of the most original Arab movies; a hallucinatory nocturnal journey into lower depths of the human soul; a brilliant meditation on death, class and choice.

(This screening info has been amended as unfortunately director Oussama Fawzi had to drop out of the Q&A last minute).

TICKETS HERE (£12/£11 concessions/£9 multi-buy discount)


The Institute of Contemporary Art

The ICA, The Mall, St. James's, London SW1Y 5AH


Arab British Centre