Flute for Arab Music – Discover the tone colours of the Near East

20 April '21 at 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

In this workshop Ramy Maalouf will share some of his creative innovations in flute technique and expression, enabling upi to enrich your palette with a range of new skills. He will present extended techniques which will enable you to play Arab maqams and their ornamentations. This will include discovering how play a full 24 quarter tone scale on your flute using a unique fingering chart.

You will also learn new blowing techniques, ways to produce new sounds and many tips for flute players and composers. You will also explore how beatboxing on Levantine rhythms can make a lively addition to your skills, and discover ways to use your voice while playing. The workshop will serve as a taster for a longer course to be run later in the year, which will encompass numerous other aspects of experimental flute practice for Middle Eastern traditions.

If you want to find ways to make your flute playing stand out from the crowd, this is for you! You will need an open-hole flute to benefit fully.

Ramy Maalouf is a Lebanese flute player and composer. He is a pioneer in crafting flute playing techniques, using unconventional fingering positions to capture microtones and harmonics.


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