Friday Hangout: MENA Arts UK Takeover #4 with Khyam Allami

19 March '21 at 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Our Friday Hangouts are back! But this time, we’re handing over the reins to our friends at MENA Arts UK

The Friday Hangout: MENA Arts UK Takeover will focus on platforming MENA+ (Middle East, North Africa and surrounding area) professionals working in the live and recorded arts, inviting guests to discuss their work and answer live questions from the public in an informal setting via Zoom.

Our fourth and final Takeover guest is Khyam Allami, an Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, researcher and founder of Nawa Recordings. Primarily a performer of the Oud, his artistic research focuses on the development of contemporary and experimental repertoire based on the fundamentals of Arabic music, with a focus on tuning and microtonality.

Theatre-maker and writer Philip Arditi will be hosting the Hangout. Philip met Khyam more than 10 years ago whilst playing together at the Middle Eastern Music Ensemble in SOAS. Philip’s interest in Middle Eastern percussion and Khyam’s interest in composing for drama has meant… they have a lot to talk about.

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The Arab British Centre x MENA Arts UK