Fringe! present Upon the Shadow (UK premiere)

15 November '17 at 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Au-delà de l’ombre
dir. Nada Mezni Hafaiedh / Tunisia 2017 / 80’ (UK premiere)

Nada Mezni Hafaiedh’s Upon the Shadow follows the life of former Femen member Amina Sboui and the community of LGBTIQA+ friends she houses in her Tunisian home. This sensitive film provides unparalleled insight into life following the Arab spring, social persecution, and political struggle, from a queer perspective.

Dive into the lives of Amina’s strong and enchanting group of friends: Sandra, Ramy, Ayoub and Atef, as they bond and build queer community against a backdrop of global trauma and struggle. The friends and their matriarch Amina look out at cool blue seas and wonder what destinies await them and what forces will impact their futures in this stunning documentary that shines a spotlight on the lifestyles of those members of our global queer community that are still fighting for many of the freedoms we have already achieved.

The UK premiere of this unmissable first feature from bold and daring Tunisian director Hafaiedh is part of Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest


The Castle Cinema

First floor, 64-66 Brooksby's Walk Hackney, London E9 6DA


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