Heritage Studies in Arab Fashion

31 May '22 at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Our Founder, Dr Reem El Mutwalli and the Team are delighted to invite all to our next webinar: ‘Dialogues on the Art of Arab Fashion: Heritage Studies in Arab Fashion on 31st May 2022.’

We will be welcoming three renowned panellists from the London College of Fashion; The Creative School of Toronto – Metropolitan University; and The University of Nottingham to discuss how Education is the key to sustaining Arab heritage and culture.

Studying dress and textile heritage can lead to a better understanding of both gender and social relationships throughout history. Cultural misappropriation in the marketplace demonstrates the need for more education about cultural heritage in the fashion industry. Our role as heritage educators is to ensure that the current generation of designers and creatives is equipped to carry the Arab cultural legacy into the future. By understanding and preserving the origins of traditional artisan crafts like embroidery, weaving, and natural dyeing, unethical practices can be avoided, and the new generation of fashion design students will be appropriately equipped to ensure a sustainable future fashion heritage.


Dr. Reem El Mutwalli The Zay



The Zay Initiative

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