Heritage to enrich lives

5 April '22 at 9:00 am - 6 April '22 at 10:00 am

Our guest speaker: Heike Weber, Embroider & Author

Heiker Weber, Author and Embroider recently exhibited at Dubai Expo 2020, and launched her book documenting the history of embroidery in the Levant region titled “Anat and her hero Baal – The embroidery language of The Levant”.

Our Founder: Dr Reem El Mutwalli

Dr Reem Tariq El Mutwalli is a published author, lead curator and public speaker. With over 30 years of experience, she is an expert consultant in Islamic art and architecture, interior design, historic dress and UAE heritage.
She is also the founder of the Zay Initiative. A non-profit UK registered initiative advancing the preservation of cultural heritage, through the collection, documentation and digital archiving of Arab historical attire and their stories. Our goal is to empower and sustain global cross-cultural dialogue to inspire creative minds.

(Please note this is a pre-recorded special webinar. The recording will be released on Tuesday 5th April 2022 via email.)


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