I Have Two Names

22 November '19 at 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Salim has lived a happy existence in London for over 10 years. Suddenly, his friends start to take an interest in his homeland Palestine and his seemingly easy life in the UK is altered. He is faced with a bittersweet feeling; the pleasure that those close to him want to discover his country mixed with the frustration that they can journey there with the ease of holidaymakers, travelling a route that is totally off limits to him.

Through Al Zaytouna Dance Theatre’s artful mix of dabke, contemporary dance and theatre performed to a ground shaking mix of modern electronic and traditional beats, the play questions the nature of solidarity movements and explores the complex experience of exile, identity and homesickness.

The performance will be followed by Q&A with Director and cast.

Written and directed by Ahmed Najar.

Supported by Amal – a Saïd Foundation programme and Arts Council England.


The Cockpit

Gateforth Street, NW8 8EH London, United Kingdom


MARSM and Al Zaytouna Dance Theatre

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