Jamarabia Live Music Sessions (Aleppo Tarab Re-Imagined) – Elixir Festival 2024

13 April '24 at 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

“Tarab” is an Arabic word that describes a state of emotional transformation and bliss when one is wholly absorbed in music.

Join us for an enchanting evening inspired by the Tarab repertoire of Aleppo in Syria, known internationally as the hub of Tarab in the Arab world for its distinct maqams and diverse lyrical styles. The concert will feature a selection of classical Arabic Tarab songs and poems re-arranged for audiences for the first time.

The evening will be led by Bassel Hariri (also known as USTAVI), a Syrian violinist from Aleppo, who is also the founder of Antika Culture & Diaspora, and Jamarabia Live Music Sessions, bringing together the finest Arab artists in London.

The concert will constitute of two parts:
Tarab loops (USTAVI): Early 20th-century traditional pieces from Aleppo (mowashahat & Qudood) re-written and arranged for a solo violin.

Jamarabia Modern Takht: Iconic works from the Aleppo Mowashahat & Qudood repertoire re-arranged to be performed by Osama Kiwan a quartet (Violin, Piano, oud & percussion) and a lead singer.
This performance comprises three 10-15 minute sections (Waslat), each highlighting a unique Arab maqam from Aleppo city.


Grand Junction

Grand Junction at St Mary Magdalenes's, Rowington Close, London W2 5TF


Grand Junction and Arts Canteen

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