Jenan Younis: A Conflict of Disinterest

26 November '22 at 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

When Jenan was 13 she read a two thousand page Che Guevara biography in the comfort of her middle class home and decided she wanted to be just like him minus the stubble. She attended protests against the Iraq war, boycotted every American coffee chain, and had free Palestine badges confiscated at school, daily.

But with the ever-worsening backdrop of the Middle East came an overwhelming sense of powerlessness. Now as an adult her only similarity to Che Guevara was her facial hair.

BBC New Voices Winner, star of BBC Radio “Jenan’s Comedy Hour, Jenan brings you a show about what it’s like to revive what you stand for in a world of slactivism and selective empathy.

How do you change the world when you can’t change your own little world?

“Sharp hip smart comedian” The List


Rose and Crown (downstairs theatre)

71-73 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town, London , NW5 2SG


Weapons of Mass Hilarity

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