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16 November '17 at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Despite living in a “doomed country, yet hanging by a thread”, a young man falls in love with a young lady.

Joud, a handsome, introverted sound engineer meets Rana who’s his complete opposite, an electrifying young lady sweeping Joud off his feet with her strong, vivacious and free spirit. Their love is passionate and sensual. Hence, these two come from different social and religious background. Rana belongs to a rich family, whereas Joud is Druze and comes from the middle class.

As they’re both getting closer, Rana slips away, falling into a deep coma. Miserable as Joud becomes, her parents also forbade him from ever seeing her. Joud learns that the last sense a comatose loses is their hearing. Joud decides to bring Rana back by sending her sounds of life. He persuades her sister Marwa to download his voice messages and play them to Rana secretly…

At this special screening there’ll also be a Q&A with the director of the film Philippe Aractingi.


Vue Piccadilly

19, regent Street, London


Ourscreen, Fantascope Production

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