Loops in Solitude

24 April '20 at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Tune in for our third Living Room Session and an inspiring selection of music. Live from Ontario, Sufyvn will play a new set, Loops in Solitude, a mesmerising mix of some of his released and unreleased tracks. Listen to distinctively sampled rhythms and new electronic music rooted in Sudanese beats and melodies.

Link to livestream: on Facebook

This event is part of our digital programme and connects with the current exhibition ‘Homeland Under My Nails’ by artist Mohammad Omar Khalil, whose transnational career and oeuvre of prints and paintings has been inspired by his homeland Sudan and his vivid interest in Sudanese, Malian, Afro-American and Cuban Jazz music.

Sufyvn‘s (Sufyan Ali) electronic sounds stand out from the popular and Jazz based Sudanese music scene but are deeply inspired by the country’s rich cultural heritage. He revolutionarized Khartoum’s music scene when he started experimenting with percussion. His first EP Ascension (2017) draws from traditional Nubian Haqiba songs and vintage tapes. He collaborated on tracks with Alsahra and The Nubatones as well as with BJ the Chicago Kid. Sufyvn also works as a dentist.

Image: Courtesy of Sufyvn.


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