MAJNUN – Work In Progress Showing

20 April '24 at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Mohammedally Shushtari

Work in progress sharing of a modern, reimagined telling of the Arabian classic “Layla and Majnun”, set in London.

MAJNUN (verb, noun) – a state of crazed obsessive love, a madman. Synonymous with Qays, a character from the classic tale of ‘Layla & Majnun’.

Amir wants a love that transcends the ages. Sofiya wants to change the game. When their worlds collide in the perfume aisle of Selfridges an impossible love is resurrected. We all know the stories, but is such love possible in today’s world? Are you crazy to even consider it?

Inspired by the classic Layla and Majnun story this urgent look at contemporary romance from Mohammedally Shushtari asks us to engage with the Majnun in all of us.

90 mins no interval


Theatro Technis

26 Crowndale Rd, London NW1 1TT
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