Memories of Cities

10 October '17 at 9:00 am - 21 October '17 at 5:00 pm

A stunning London premiere of the works of five contemporary Syrian artists
In Memories of Cities, five internationally renowned Syrian artists from across the generations explore the dualities of urban living through depictions of cities and localities that have inspired them. Although their works are enormously varied in technique and sensibility, the artists are united by origin and circumstance, whether they are still living in war-torn Syria or abroad.
Ghassan Jadid celebrates the importance of his birthplace of old Tartous using the ancient symbols of trade and fortune, through which the city thrived; Khaled Al Saai, some of whose pieces are held in the British Museum, explores the pivotal role of Mayadin in eastern Syria in his unique marriage of collage and calligraphy; Manhal Issa has here been inspired by Mount Quasioun in Damascus, a place of profound significance to all Syrians; Nizar Sabour, renowned for his paintings of Christian iconography, turns his fascination with all religious symbolism to the Orthodox cities of Maaloula and Saidnaya; and Virginie Arakelian, the youngest, brings to life the old spice market of Damascus through her vibrant painting.


Willesden Gallery

London NW10 2SF


Gallery Hiba/Hiba Sabra

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