Middle Eastern Women’s (Street) Art in Context

3 December '19 at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

We are delighted to invite you to the third in a series of events inspired by AKU-ISMC’s new book and current exhibition by Lebanese-Egyptian artist Bahia Shehab at the AKC Gallery.
Renowned curator Rose Issa and academic Lucia Sorbera end this series by reflecting on the aesthetic, conceptual and socio-political concerns of artists in the Arab world over the past four decades and the new shape of women’s street art, the challenges they face and the legacy of feminist revolutionary art.
Rose Isa will discuss artists who explore themes related to memory, identity, destruction, reconstruction, conflict and peace-issues affecting the Arab world in the light of 21st-century upheavals, as reflected in a series of art exhibitions titled Arabicity/Ourouba which she curated, culminating in her latest publication “Arabicity” (Saqi 2019).
Lucia Sorbera will discuss women artists who participated in the Egyptian revolution both as activists and narrators, contributing to a new artistic wave of feminist narratives of this historical moment. She focuses on women’s street art, the challenges they face, and the legacy of feminist revolutionary art in contemporary street art by women in Egypt.


Aga Khan Centre

10 Handyside Street, London N1C 4DN



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