Modern & Contemporary African and Middle Eastern Art Auction

25 October '23 at 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

The Modern & Contemporary African and Middle Eastern Art Auction includes works by artists from all over Africa and the Middle East, including Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Ghana, South Africa and Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Many works are fresh to the market and the majority are from private collections. Estimates range from £200 – £20,000.

The auction will also include pictures from the collection of the late Dr Mohammed Said Farsi, a philanthropist and well-known supporter of the arts in the Middle East.

Highlights include works by Ablade Glover (Ghanaian b.1934), Robino Ntila (Tanzanian 1953-2020), Hamed Abdalla (Egyptian 1917-1985), Hussein Mohamed Youssef (Egyptian 1910-1975), Seif Wanly (Egyptian 1906-1979), Youssef Kamel (Egyptian 1890-1971),
Ragheb Ayad (Egyptian 1892-1982), Yolande Labaki (Lebanese b. 1927), Emna Zghal (Tunisian b. 1970), Taha Al Sabban (Saudi Arabian b. 1948), Nadira Azzouz (Iraqi 1927 -2020), Hasan Hourani (Palestinian 1974 – 2003) and Diana Al Hadid (Syrian b. 1981).

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