Morocco & Libya Fundraiser Screening

5 October '23 at 7:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Fundraiser screening in support of victims of natural disasters in Libya and Morocco, with all ticket sales going to the Red Crescent.

Brixton Community Cinema presents two collectively-made documentaries exploring the dreams and difficulties of those involved in filmmaking in Casablanca and Tripoli in the context of political instability in North Africa.

Mission Impossible (2014) dir Naimi Own, Libya 16″

Short about a group of young filmmakers as they attempt to fund their fiction film following the revolution.

About Some Meaningless Events (1974) dir Mostafa Derkoui, Morocco, 76″

Banned upon its release and believed lost until its negative was located in 2016, ABOUT SOME MEANINGLESS EVENTS was conceived as an independent and collective effort of militant filmmakers, artists and journalists during a period of heightened repression on freedom of expression in recently independent Morocco. Roaming the streets of Casablanca, Derkaoui and his crew interview passersby about their aspirations for, and the societal role of, the nation’s fledgling film industry, while happening upon flirtations, brawls and mobster assassinations in smoke-filled bars to an improvised jazz soundtr



Arch 504 Ridgway Rd, London SW9 7EX
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