Once Upon A Time In Nazi Occupied Tunisia

21 August '21 at 7:30 pm - 18 September '21 at 10:00 pm

“On the way over I saw three vipers copulating…I know what you’re thinking…monogamy is under threat.”

1943. Four months into the Nazi occupation of Tunisia. You’re imprisoned in a labour camp. You’re buried up to your neck. You’re dying of thirst, you miss your wife and your best friend just pissed on your face.

How could things possibly get any worse?

Eleanor Rhode directs the world premiere of Once Upon A Time in Nazi Occupied Tunisia – a brutally comic new play by Josh Azouz about home and identity, marriage and survival, blood and feathers.

Josh Azouz’s plays include The Mikvah Project (Orange Theatre Theatre and Yard Theatre) and Buggy Baby (Yard Theatre). Eleanor Rhode has recently directed Rust (Bush Theatre/HighTide), King John (RSC) and Boudica (Shakespeare’s Globe).

The Genesis Foundation Kickstart Fund has supported Josh Azouz on the development of Once Upon A Time in Nazi Occupied Tunisia.


The Almeida Theatre


The Almeida Theatre

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