Online Event: Arts Canteen In Conversation with Adnan Joubran

5 November '20 at 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

On the fifth episode of ‘Arts Canteen in Conversation’, Aser El Saqqa talks to Oud player, composer and musical producer Adnan Joubran.

Adnan was born into a family with deep-rooted passion for music and Oud making. Along with his brothers Samir and Wissam, he forms the world-renowned Le Trio Joubran. Adnan has developed his unique musical identity alongside his ongoing projects with the Trio. Whilst respecting the traditional way of playing the oud, he has followed his passion to propose something different and new. With these experiences and challenges, Adnan has released his debut solo album, Borders Behind, expressing through music, his new identity of compositions, rhythms, virtuosity and feelings.

Alongside his musical career, Adnan has recently created the first branded oud case company, PROUDCASE, offering the most streamlined, stylish and professional oud cases in the market.

‘Arts Canteen in Conversation’ is a series with a simple mission: to bring inspiring stories, in-depth conversations and insights from the greatest cultural figures in our community into life.


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