Online Event: Dialogues on the Art of Arab Fashion – Story of a Dress

30 March '21 at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Dr. Reem El Mutwalli, Founder of the Zay Initiative in conversation with Nisreen and Nermeen Abudail from Naqsh Collective on “Story of a Dress”

Through creative traditional designs, and delicate hand finish, naqsh collective was founded in 2009 in Amman, Jordan, by two sisters nisreen and nermeen abudail. Taking on their name -naqsh collective- (engraving: the first form of art done by a human to leave his print), they started to exhibit unique pieces of art, and design. Reflecting the oriental feel and integrating the beauty of their rich culture, the sisters re-engage with it again through shapes, meanings, and compositions. nisreen & nermeen are inspired by both contemporary and traditional Arabic aesthetics, combined together with high quality of local craftsmanship. naqsh collective has participated in national and international events such as Milan Design Week, Amman Design Week, Design Days Dubai and Saudi Design Week, VENICE DESIGN 2018, and in museums in Lebanon, Sharjah, Ramallah and Jerusalem. In 2018 naqsh collective is shortlisted as one of the nine finalists for the Jameel Prize 5




The Zay Initiative

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