Online Film Screening: MARSM Digital 2021 – Sector Zero

1 February '21 at 8:00 pm - 15 February '21 at 11:59 pm

The MARSM Music Films are back!

‘Sector Zero’ is a unique journey into the bittersweet history of Beirut’s derelict neighbourhood of Karantina. Lying to the East of Beirut’s port, the area harbours a complex and fascinating story in both its buildings and ruins. The award-winning film analyses the persistence of this jarring urban void in modern-day Lebanon, and how its dark history mirrors the country’s erratic progression in search of its national identity.
The controversial history of Karantina unfolds as a rich visual tapestry. Originally an Ottoman quarantine station for maritime travellers, Karantina became a dense home for Palestinian, Kurdish and South Lebanese refugees in the 50s and 60s; by the 1970s there were almost 30,000 inhabitants. The area’s ruins, separated by a kilometre-long wall, would later house one of Beirut’s most spectacular and legendary night clubs: B018. Designed by architect Bernard Khoury, the club questions the role that culture and space play in the shaping of a communal memory (and at times, amnesia).

Film link will be made public on the MARSM Facebook page on the 1st of February.





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