Online Talk: Dialogues on the Art of Arab Fashion – Mowjood (I am here, I exist)

15 December '20 at 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Dr Reem El Mutwalli will be joined on the sofa by Waleed Shah, Photographer to discuss his creative project “Mowjood”

Waleed lives in the United Arab Emirates. He’s a Chemical Engineer by education, started his career working in the oil industry, and slowly discovered his love for photography. He’s had the opportunity to work with the finest establishments in the industry, talented local artists and international legends passing through the UAE, and some of the coolest brands out there. His journey got recognized by Fujifilm Middle East and he’s now an “Official” Fuji-X-Photographer.

Waleed started a series titled “Rock Your Ugly“, which explores the intersection between physical and mental health through a series of portraits. This in the works to become a published book. Afterwards he went on to make fun of societal norms with a project titled “Magazine Cover“. Today, he’s shooting portraits of freelancers and entrepreneurs to help them navigate the economic downturn post-COVID Pandemic under a project titled “Mowjood“.




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