Out The Shell

12 February '23 at 7:30 pm - 13 February '23 at 9:00 pm

Out The Shell
The Lion & Unicorn Theatre
A Scratch Night showcasing new writing from a variety of different creatives. With a range of pieces in form and content, the evening will explore different stories from all walks of life. Monologues, duologues, spoken word and stand up are all welcome as we embrace story telling in its many forms.

Included in the evening is a piece by Moroccan British actor and writer Safia Lamrani called ‘Dreams Of’ – a Moroccan story telling extract from a one woman show she is developing, inspired by Fatima Mernissi.

There will be musical accompaniment by Mohammed Salih, a musician who blends influences from African Tuareg guitarists, Turkish Baglama players and the Arabian Oud musicians, and ‘Dreams Of’ is directed by Fatima Kried, A British Libyan writer, director, and producer.

The evening will also showcase poetry by Syrian-Swiss theatre maker and actor Julia-Yara Atz as well as Tunisian actor Elle Zaharouni performing in new writing duologue.

The evening will showcase stories both from and outside of the Arab world, the pieces listed above are the ones that will explore this heritage and identity.


Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Kentish Town, NW5 2ED


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