Parents training conference: How to teach Arabic to your children at home

8 December '18 at 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

New effective strategies for teaching children Arabic at home.

Parents of Arabic background often wonder how they would teach their children Arabic and how they could motivate their children to speak Arabic at home. Parents often end up sending their children to Arabic weekend schools thinking that these schools will take care of this issue, especially because parents believe that they do not have time for teaching their children Arabic.
However, their children end up losing out on a big opportunity to learn this amazing language and then later in life they blame their parents for not teaching them Arabic.

This training conference will train you how to teach your child Arabic at home starting from 15 minutes a day. You will discover how much you will be able to achieve with your child, no matter their age, within a short period of time. Most importantly, your child will enjoy learning through motivating techniques that you will gain from the training.

The training is organised by Mr El Hassan Bouguern. He is a postgraduate teacher trainer at SOAS, University of London. He delivers lectures and facilitates language teaching workshops nationally and internationally.


Elizabeth House Community Centre

2 Hurlock Street, London N5 1ED


language immersion link Ltd.

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