‘Poetry4Grenfell’ Mini-Tour of our local community

20 July '18 at 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Hear prolific voices from the heart of our community reciting, singing and rapping from the “Poetry 4 Grenfell – Voices from da Grove and Latimer” book and watch the award-winning film.

The Poetry4Grenfell project manifested as an immediate response to help artistically deal with the emotional aftermath of the Grenfell fire in June 2017. Since the fire, Kamitan Arts has been offering Rap-Poetry workshops to those affected, to help them address their emotions and begin to heal.

The workshops inspired the bi-lingual book and short film, directed by Emmanuelle Marcel ‘Ja’bbour, featuring local people’s artistic testimonies (Golden Heart Trellick Award Winner, Best Art Film at Portobello Film Festival 2017).

Guest artists on the night will include international and local poets and musicians: Alexander D Great, Princess Emmanuelle (a.k.a. EmpresS *1 الامبراطورة الاولي) , Lee Mya, Yago Sote-Andre, Harriet Gore and the Poetry 4 Grenfell children!

Rap-Poetry and Dance workshops on the day:
4-5 pm Children under 13
5-6 pm Young People and Adults

For more information, to register for the workshops or purchase a book:

ka.1@hotmail.co.uk – Kamitan Arts

0207 370999


The Mosaic Rooms

226 Cromwell Road


Kamitan Arts / The Mosaic Rooms

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