Project 003278079060

4 June '20 at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Hosted on ZOOM – please RSVP below to receive the link.

In times of lockdown across the world, artists neither and Marc Buchy activated the Project 003278079060, turning the message of a voicemail system into a space to host sound-based artworks. Creating a virtual space where the maximum length of the message, and so the sound piece – is only one minute, people encounter the artworks through a simple phone call.

Join neither and Marc Buchy together with contributing artists Younes Baba-Ali and Shayma Nader for this discussion about Project 003278079060 as an alternative way to disseminate and experience sound art, and listen to some of the works featured.


The Mosaic Rooms


The Mosaic Rooms

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