Resistance, Rebellion & Revolution: Hasan ‘Alsatoor’ Dhaimish (1955-2016)

19 August '21 at 11:00 am - 29 August '21 at 3:00 pm

Resistance, Rebellion & Revolution explores the life and works of the late Libyan artist and satirist, Hasan ‘Alsatoor’ Dhaimish (1955-2016)

Coinciding with the ten-year anniversary of the Libyan revolution, this exhibition features samples of his anti-Gaddafi regime, pro-human rights illustrations that were published between 1980 and 2016. His cartoons were relentless, brutally honest, and were received with laughter by most and anger by others.
For the first time, Alsatoor’s cartoons are exhibited in print alongside a series of paintings he produced while living in exile in the UK. ​

Hasan left Benghazi, Libya, in 1975 at age 19. He settled in Burnley, Lancashire, and soon started publishing his critical cartoons in magazines. Over the years he gained momentum and popularity, developing a style parallel to technological developments. With the rise of the internet came a new global audience. It was during the 2000s when he became Libya’s most notorious and prolific satirist, operating covertly under the pseudonym, Alsatoor (The Cleaver).

Away from his satire, Hasan produced artworks influenced by jazz and blues, which were musical genres he felt deeply connected to due to his life in exile. From portraits of musicians to vibrant-coloured collages, his work is from his soul.


Hoxton 253 Art Project Space

253 Hoxton Street, Whitmore Estate, N1 5LG


Sherif Dhaimish & Hanna Dhaimish

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