Resistance, Rebellion & Revolution

17 February '22 at 6:00 pm - 23 February '22 at 5:00 pm

Resistance, Rebellion & Revolution is an exploration of the life and works of the late Libyan artist and satirist,
Hasan ‘Alsatoor’ Dhaimish (1955-2016).

Coinciding with the eleventh anniversary of the Libyan revolution, this exhibition at Left Bank Leeds draws upon Dhaimish’s life in exile in the UK along with the anti-Gaddafi, pro-human rights satire he produced over four decades, and the artworks he produced during his illustrious career.

As part of the project, in August 2021 an exhibition was held at London’s Hoxton 253, and a limited-edition book was published by Pendle Press – A Libyan Artist in Exile: Hasan. ‘Alsatoor’ Dhaimish (1955-2016) by Sherif Dhaimish.

This project has been supported by Pendle Press and Arts Council England.


Left Bank Leeds

Cardigan Rd, Burley, Leeds LS6 1LJ


Sherif Dhaimish & Hanna Dhaimish

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