Rojava Film Commune

3 November '22 at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Join us for a screening of two films by Komîna Fîlm a Rojava (The Rojava Film Commune).

Learn about the Rojava Film Commune and their alternative revolutionary cinema school through the documentary ’12×1′ (2016, 40mins), directed by Hogir Qolan, which traces the collaborative process of the film commune featuring the first 12 students participating.

The documentary ‘Darên bitenê’ (Lonely Trees, 2017, 43mins), directed by Sêro Hindê, delves into dengbej; a tradition of musical storytelling by singers in the autonomous region of Rojava, Northern Syria. This form of oral history preserves Kurdish and Assyrian legacies through a poetic lens, focussing on the landscapes, the centuries spanning resistance and struggle for autonomy as well as tales of love and community.

Komîna Fîlm a Rojava (The Rojava Film Commune) is a collective of filmmakers based in Rojava, West Kurdistan, northern Syria. It works across the region to develop and build collective infrastructures for filmmaking, screening, and education, fostering new audiences and an awareness of filmmaking as a medium for empowerment and a tool for liberation.


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