SAFAR Film Festival: UK Premiere Life Suits Me Well

12 July '22 at 6:20 pm to 8:20 pm

It is the mid-90s. In a small town in the north of Morocco, Fouad is the only technician working in the Post Office. When he is stricken with a neurological disease that changes his life, a new story begins for him, his wife and their children. Their home will be filled with love, sorrow and memories. While Fouad is dying, the family members are rediscovering themselves. As time goes by wounds appear… but the desire to live is unextinguishable.

Life Suits Me Well is the debut feature of Al Hadi Ulad Mohand, whose fictional story about an ordinary, yet extraordinary, Moroccan family is inspired by the passing of his own father. The film received the prize for Best Film in Post-Production at the CineGouna Platform of El Gouna Film Festival.

Screening as part of SAFAR Film Festival: The Stories We Tell in Arab Cinema 1-17 July 2022

Tuesday 12 July at 18:20 Cine Lumiere London.

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Institut français du Royaume-Uni - Ciné Lumière

17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT


SAFAR Film Festival

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