SAFAR Film Talk: Tamer El Said on Human Journeys

16 September '20 at 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

‘In The Last Days of The City’ follows film director Khaled as he’s wrapping his film in Cairo, a city he thought he knew but which keeps revealing its many facets in front of his eyes. The ride that filmmaker Tamer El Said invites us to follow not only an introspective ride into the heart of Egypt, but also one that cuts deep within the Arab World.

Join us in a Q&A with the award-winning director about his debut feature film, shot in Cairo, Berlin, Baghdad and Beirut.

This event is part of the SAFAR Film Festival: SAFAR From Home. ‘In The Last Days of the City’ is available to watch for FREE from the 13th – 20th September. Visit the SAFAR website to view the full programme of films, live events and sign up!

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