Safeguarding Egyptian Cultural Heritage through Preservation, Conservation and Digitisation – Training Programme

23 November '20 - 2 December '20

The Levantine Foundation is proud to announce the fourth Training Programme in Museology and Paper Conservation to be held over eight days from 22 November – 1 December 2020.

The programme, organised in partnership with the Egypt Exploration Society, is the latest in a continuing and successful, series of courses, begun in 2009, for professionals from the leading museums, libraries, universities, and monastic collections in Egypt.

The programme is supported by a grant from the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, in Partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

It will be hosted online and at The Prince Mohammed Ali Palace (Al Manial Palace), Cairo.

Tickets for the online presentations may be obtained from:


Programme Objectives

There are relatively few opportunities for museum professionals in Egypt to refresh their skills and update their knowledge of developments in museology and conservation. Accordingly, The Levantine Foundation has designed this Programme to meet these specific training needs. Training will be provided by academics specializing in Coptic and Islamic and Christian history, art history, Codicology, and conservation experts working in the field of books, parchment, and paper.


This programme is aimed at experienced museum professionals with the specific goals of:

  1. Updating their skills and knowledge in the areas of early book conservation, and the curation and display of manuscripts and codices.
  2. Expanding their understanding of the history and technologies of Coptic and Islamic books and documents from the third to fifteenth centuries AD.
  3. Updating their knowledge in modern conservation standards and requirements.
  4. Due to ongoing concerns created by the current global health crisis, The Levantine Foundation training programme will be presented, for the first time ever, online, with the assistance of internationally recognised tutors, who will deliver lectures and practical demonstrations from around the globe, while utilising modern technology to answer delegates’ questions and provide advice on individual problems or queries.As sessions will be delivered in English, prospective delegates should have a thorough understanding of the English language and should be students or faculty members of a recognised university or similarly recognised learned institution.


    The deadline for submitting applications is 19 November 2020.


    All applications should be emailed to:

    John J Johnston, Project Manager, The Levantine Foundation (London) at:

    Specific queries or requests for additional information should be directed to Nevene Sami, Executive Secretary, The Levantine Foundation (Cairo): Mobile: 01222272067.

    The Levantine Foundation is a non-political charity, registered in England 4506398, and in The Arab Republic of Egypt under Law No 84 (2002), registered charity number 1094436.




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