Sonic Frontiers Night 02 | Sandy Chamoun and Maya Al Khalidi with Sarouna

29 June '23 at 8:00 pm - 29 April '23 at 10:30 pm

The Sonic Agent presents two nights to conjure our listening abilities aiming to capture and reflect on our changing times, conceptual formations of the audible within music.

Featuring ground-breaking artists from Palestine and Lebanon, the second evening will kick off with an intimate talk with the performing artists, lead by director of Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival Amani Semaan, to contemplate socio-historical soundings in music and the use of the archive and field recordings in contemporary aural practices.

Lebanese artist Sandy Chamoun will perform her solo project “Fata 17” conceptualized around field-recordings and sounds from the October 17 Revolution in Lebanon. Sandy brings together her sultry vocals, with assembled audio clips drawing on ambient, industrial, shoegaze, and noise.

From Palestine Maya Al Khalidi and Sarouna will present Maya’s first album “Other world” inspired by Palestinian folklore, influenced by the present, and imagining a sonic future incorporating audio recordings from the archive of the Popular Art Centre.

Supported by AFAC, The British Council, and A. M. Qattan Foundation.

In partnership with BBIMF.



Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Ln, London SE1 7LG


The Sonic Agent

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