Special Event for Palestine

23 May '24 at 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Come on an immersive experience together. Storytelling will meet art and purpose as we showcase how community can be a catalyst for action. An evening filled with hope and love. From the community by the community, music, stories, interactive performances, food and more.

Guest speakers include:

– El Far3i – Singer, Songwriter
– Chris Smalls – Founder & President of Amazon Labor Union
– Rahma Zein – Activist
– Ayoub Sisters – Egyptian/Scottish Musicians
– Aykiz Shah – Founder of Salaam Cola
– NOUR – Palestinian DJ & Artist
– Andrew Kettenis – Poet
– M. Ali F. Khan – Musician
– Hana El Rais – Grief Counsellor
– Mohammad Fahmy – Musician
– Karmel Labadi – Oud Player
– Layla Maghribi – Writer & Journalist
– Yahya Wahbeh – Palestinian Activist
– Plus out Dabke Crew!
– Lisa Luxx – MC

Money raised will be donated to HEAL Palestine, an organisation that is doing tireless work to provide humanitarian aid to children and give them a brighter future.


Grand Junction

St Mary Magdalene's Rowington Close London W2 5TF



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