Speed Caravan / Ghoula / Gnawa London (Stances Festival- مواقف)

21 September '19 at 8:00 pm to 1:00 am

Now in it’s 2nd edition, Stances- مواقف: North African Multimedia & Performance Festival explores and celebrates the daring visions of contemporary artists from North Africa and the diaspora.

Raï | Gnawa | African | Electronics | Chaabi | Rock | Trance

Fuelled by the creative fire Mehdi Haddab, Speed Caravan is the Paris-based quartet charged towards a psychedelic horizon. Taking traditional Algerian influences and the unique appeal of Raï genre, the band rips through unstoppable electronic beats, grooves and raw rock energy.

GHOULA (A/V set)
In Tunisia, music has been a generational vehicle for popular symbols, images and myths. Despite its small size, Ghoula sees his native country as a north African crossroad where legacies came to settle. As a producer and multi-instrumentalist posing his sounds on a backdrop of captivating images, Ghoula creates genre-defying sets through both acoustics and samples.

Led by Moroccan Gnawa artist and award-winning ambassador for Gnawa music Simo Lagnawi, the band pays its own unique tribute to North Africa’s most prolific musical tradition and sacred trance music.


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MARSM and Anzul

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