Sudalove: Street Art in Khartoum

13 April '20 at 6:00 am - 17 April '20 at 6:00 pm

Graffiti artist Assil Diab aka Sudalove takes over The Mosaic Rooms’ Instagram. Sudalove will highlight her practice as a graffiti artist in Khartoum, discuss her work on the Sudanese idols from the cultural scene and also talk about her murals during the revolution. She will share her experience and challenges of working as a graffiti artist during the time of social distancing.

This event is part of our digital programme and connects with the current exhibition ‘Homeland Under My Nails’ by artist Mohammad Omar Khalil, whose transnational career and oeuvre of prints and paintings has been inspired by his homeland Sudan.

Sudalove is one of Khartoum’s most renowned graffiti artists. The freelance artist and graphic designer holds a BA from the VCU Richmond, Virgina and has worked as a creative designer for Aljazeera. After being involved in the calligraffiti project of French-Tunisian artist eL Seed in Doha, Sudalove started painting interventions in public spaces. Her colourful, community inspired and social practice based graffiti can be found in the streets and on the walls of Khartoum, Cairo and Doha.

Image: Sudalove, Stay at Home (2020). Courtesy of Sudalove/Assil Diab.


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