Sudan: Emergence of Singularities

24 March '17 - 6 May '17

A season blending contemporary visual arts, theatre, music, design, films and words from and about Sudan

Private View: Thursday 23rd March 2017, 18:00 – 20:00
Exhibition dates: 24th March – 6th May 2017
Curator: Frederique Cifuentes

Artists: Hussein Shariffe, Kamala Ibrahim Ishaaq, Mohamed Abdalla Otaybi, Akram Fathi, Frederique Cifuentes, Nuba Reports, African Art Workshop, Mo Abbaro, Sudanese Film Group, Sudan For All, Clara Semple, Omer Eltigani, Dr Fatima Babiker Mahmoud and Moniem Ibrahim

Sudan: Emergence of Singularities will include an interdisciplinary art exhibition, film screenings, talks and events that expose a mix of voices and new perspectives for understanding the Sudanese society and cultures with maximum freedom of expression.

Sudan: Emergence of Singularities is the first and most exciting Sudanese contemporary art exhibition in the UK and in the heart of London Kings Cross from established and emerging artists, writers and intellectuals as well as special guests whose works are related to Sudan. The show will stage an unprecedented and rich artistic portrait of Sudan on an international scale.

Curated by Frederique Cifuentes, the programme will examine the artistic development of a country, which is often ignored by the general media, art critics and galleries in the UK and worldwide and unknown to the general public.

Artists and intellectuals are the best source to understand the social dynamics of a country. Sudan: Emergence of Singularities is a tribute to the vitality and diversity of a country and its people who deserve a brighter tomorrow.

Sudan: Emergence of Singularities has the important task of presenting and fostering creativity, expectations, prospects and achievements from one of the most challenging social and political environments in the world. Sudan’s creatives have been isolated from the rest of the region and the international literary and artistic scenes for decades.

About the curator, Frederique Cifuentes:

Sudan is in the centre of Frederique Cifuentes’ work as a photographer, documentary filmmaker and project manager for the last 14 years. In putting this project together, she has chosen talents who are at the forefront of this contemporary expression and whose art is innovative and fundamental. Working with some of the artists has shaped her choice for the exhibition catalogue in addition to new discoveries and recommendations from dear friends and experts. Her experience as an artist in Sudan has certainly influenced her own perception of that country too.

Though this exhibition is not exhaustive, artists and cultural partners from divers media were selected on the quality and consistency of their work, the impact and contribution to Sudanese society and prospective interactions on the international creative scene. Frederique Cifuentes hopes that this project will act as a catalyst in generating more interest in Sudan contemporary art and complement the efforts of previous and scarce initiatives.

Press Information:

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Funded by: AFAC – Arab Fund for Arts and Culture and The Arab British Centre


P21 Gallery, 21 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD


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