18 May '24 at 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Melding traditional Middle Eastern melodies with Western influences, this celebrated 6-piece embody “Tarab” – the Arabic word for the universal feeling when emotions and music become one.

Founded in 2008 by Iraqi Egyptian Nadin Al Khalidi and Gabriel Hermansson in Malmö, Sweden, the cross-cultural group transgresses physical and musical borders.

With the group’s front-figure and vocalist Nadin arriving as a refuge in Sweden from Iraq, her lyrics merge political and social topics around identity, survival, and love, striving for peace and tolerance between different cultures.

Bringing their one-of-a-kind fusion sound and Nadin’s captivating voice to our home this May, prepare to experience the mystical yet uniting feeling of ‘Tarab’.


The Jazz Cafe

5 Parkway, London, NW1 7PG


The Jazz Cafe

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