The Circular University with MOU7I6 – Workshop #1 for SWANA Young People

MOU7I6 Collective is inaugurating The Circular University, a series of workshop sessions for SWANA (south west Asian and North African) young people to find out more about creative careers, and exchange knowledge with not only each other, but boss industry professionals smashing it in their fields.

The Circular University – designed by MOU7I6 members Erkan Affan and Youcef Hadjazi and supported by LADA and the Arab British Centre – is inspired by a collaborative understanding of the Eastern Mediterranean and North African region, providing a series of workshops within the creative arts sector that allows for a cycle of information and knowledge exchange to be created. Circular University speakers will support participants in exploring the possibilities of developing collaborative futures with like-minded individuals across their desired industries – all within a specific structure of talks that entail open, flexible discussion and knowledge/skill exchanges.

The first pilot session on Sunday 12 December at the Arab British Centre in London will focus on Film Programming and Performance Making, with sessions led by BAFTA nominated producer and programmer Elhum Shakerifar and visual artist and producer Youcef Hadjazi. Running from 10:30am – 4pm, it is completely free to join but interested participants must apply using the simple online application form by Sunday 28th November, 2021 at 23:59.

Applicants should meet the following criteria to apply for the workshop:

  • You identify as from the Eastern Mediterranean & North African region or its diaspora, with particular priority to those of a displaced experience.
  • You are under 30, and have a demonstrative interest in one or both of the following fields: film programming and artistic curation.

To apply to take part in this workshop, applicants should fill in the form on LADA’s website by Wednesday 28th November, 2021 at 23:59. Please note capacities are limited and successful applicants will be informed by Friday 3 December.

About MOU7I6

MOU7I6 is a new, grassroots collective practicing with a distinctly intersectional and decolonial approach to centring artistic and cultural productions from the Eastern Mediterranean and North African region in the United Kingdom today. Rejecting the competition implicit in the monetisation of ‘minority’ identity politics, MOU7I6 gravitates fundamentally around the notions of support, care and solidarity in achieving self- and collective representation. They value collaboration over competition, and work to create accessible professional networks within the UK arts and culture sectors in which artists from the Eastern Mediterranean and North African region are able to comfortably thrive, rather than existentially survive.

In its conceptual form, MOU7I6 consists of several active and symbolic members, including the founders Erkan Affan (UK/DE), Sarah Hamed (UK/EGY), Jessica El-Mal (UK/MA), and Youcef Hadjazi (UK/DZ) – with visual support from Tewa Barnosa (NL/LB). All individuals involved in the collective are young working professionals and artistic practitioners.