The Palestinian Museum Gardens: Nature, Culture and Identity

23 May '20 at 1:15 pm to 3:00 pm

The Palestinian Museum Gardens are an exploration of landscape as an expression of identity at the intersection of nature and culture. The gardens represent the dominant role of the natural landscape in Palestinian life, and tell the story of its people through the various plants that sustain it, both physically and culturally. Terraces are planted with typical aromatic domestic plants, native shrubs and flowers, as well as traditional staple crops that are an integral part of the Palestinian cultural landscape. Whether cultivated for their fruits, flowers, seeds, medicinal properties, or simply for their beauty, the plants in these gardens are presented in a manner that seeks to highlight their role in the cultural as well as natural landscape.

The talk will present the design of the gardens and shed light on the process of building and installing them. The talk will also highlight the environmental and sustainability threads in the gardens including their human dimension and impact on the quality of life.


SOAS University of London

10 Thornhaugh Street London WC1H 0XG


Asia House Arts & Learning

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