The Places We Carry Art Exhibition

4 July '24 at 10:00 am - 25 July '24 at 4:00 pm

Join us at Grand Junction for a FREE exhibition curated by Dima Karout and Local Residents celebrating the stories from London’s Middle Eastern and North African communities.

Over the past year, Grand Junction has collaborated through workshops with the community local to our venue, exploring and celebrating the rich heritage of Londoners from the Middle East and North Africa. The Places We Carry exhibition showcases the result of these inspiring encounters and narrates the unique journeys, evolving identities, histories of places and people, and the shared experiences of the local residents. From cherished childhood memories to unexpected encounters in London, the exhibition reveals the richness that migration brings to our community.

The exhibition will also include a participatory art installation in a reflective space curated for Palestine, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Lebanon, where visitors are invited to contribute.

We also have a public events programme linked to the exhibition, providing the opportunity to view the exhibition while exploring its themes through poetry, connecting with the community, or learning about the wider building. See our website for more information.


Grand Junction

Rowington Close, London W2 5TF


Grand Junction

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