Tragedy in Gaza: Britain’s Legacy, Scotland’s Role

17 March '19 at 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Gaza, an integral part of Palestine, is home to two million Palestinians, living in intolerable conditions. By 2020, according to the UN, Gaza will be uninhabitable. We British have a historical responsibility for Palestine, and a duty to advance human rights for all in Israel and Palestine. How do we do it? What is Scotland’s role?

Panelists include:
Jamie McGoldrick – UN Humanitarian Coordinator, Palestine
Dr Philippa Whitford MP – Breast Cancer surgeon
Dr Imad Karam Gazan – film-maker
Rev Iain Cunningham – Church of Scotland
Ilan Baruch – Israeli Ambassador to South Africa (retired)
Dr Anthony Gorman – Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Edinburgh

The conference will explore the Gaza crisis and the way ahead through three panels:
• Gaza’s history, Britain’s role
• Life in Gaza today
• What Britain can do. What Scotland can do

Other panelists include:
Christine Jardine MP
Sir Vincent Fean – British Consul-General, Jerusalem 2010-14
Andrew Whitley – former Regional Director, UNRWA
John McHugo – historian and author specialising in the Middle East
Professor Yossi Mekelberg – Regent’s University, London, and Chatham House
Graham Watt – Emeritus Prof Glasgow University, trustee Medical Aid for Palestinians

The conference will conclude with ‘A call to action’ by Sir Vincent Fean.
Registration will open at 12.00 noon. In the foyer will be an exhibition on ‘Britain’s historical role in Palestine, a photographic timeline’.
At 12.30 a short film, ‘Britain in Palestine 1917-1948’, will be screened.

Tickets for this event are free (although donations are encouraged to offset costs). Book now on Eventbrite. Scottish Charitable Organisation no. SC047090

The Balfour Project was created by British citizens to inform the people of this country about Britain’s record in Palestine before and during its Mandate. The Project invites the Government and people of the United Kingdom

  • to acknowledge that whilst a homeland for the Jewish people has been achieved, the promise to protect the rights of the Palestinian people has not yet been fulfilled.
  • to take action to promote justice, security and peace for both peoples.



Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre

George Square, University of Edinburgh EH89LH


The Balfour Project

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