Usership not Ownership

26 November '22 at 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

In conversation with Marwa Arsanios, and using her practice and film “Who is Afraid of Ideology IV: Reverse Shot” as a starting point, this workshop led by Jack Ky Tan will explore the possibilities of inventing land and spatial justice activism informed by global majority perspectives.

Jack Ky Tan is an artist who uses law, policy, social norms and customs as a medium of making art. He creates performances, sculpture and participatory projects that highlight the rules that guide human behaviour. In Jack’s social practice, he blurs the boundaries between art, governance and consultancy in order to help organisations reform and revision themselves using artistic thinking.


The Mosaic Rooms

226 Cromwell Road, London, SW5 0SW


The Mosaic Rooms

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