Vibrations: Documentary screening, panel talk & performance

3 May '18 at 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Arts Canteen presents “Vibrations” A screening of Zahed Sultan’s documentary ‘Vibrations’ along with a panel talk and short performance.

The film traces the steps of Zahed Sultan, Kuwaiti multimedia artist and social entrepreneur, who’s grassroots approach to work in social causes and music are the inspiration for a recording project that takes him to uncharted territory – Jamaica.

The film reveals Zahed’s approach to re-imagining the folk music traditions of Kuwait and his journey to discover the roots of Jamaica’s musical and societal heritage – with a cast of characters he meets along the way who help him realize the unlikely bridges that exist between two seemingly disparate cultures – ties that remind us of our shared struggles as people and our ability to empower ourselves in a rapidly changing world.

After the screening Zahed will then host a panel talk in more detail about the film and the cultural themes and societal issues raised.

As part of the talk Zahed will also perform 3-4 songs from the film with a guest musician.

Zahed Sultan is a Kuwaiti-Indian multimedia artist and social entrepreneur.


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