Which Story, Whose Histories? [Workshop]

9 July '22 at 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

This free two-part workshop hosted by artist Elena Cecchinato is aimed at refugee children and adults. Participants will learn to rework a vintage photograph, giving new life and narrative to it by a stitching and weaving process that will spark new visual conversations with time and memory. Bring an old photo that means something to you. All materials will be provided. The second part of this workshop will take place at Garrett Anderson secondary school.

Both images and clothes, with their signs and meanings, are necessary to our sense of space and change our reality. They are vehicles and mediums to unite and conceive reality, working between the ‘I’ and the world, the interior and the exterior, the knowing and the doing. They allow an opportunity for us not to be subdued by the world, but rather interact with it, transforming it always into new narratives. As in a laboratory, participants will explore their imaginations and memory via a “re-weaving” / “re-imaging” exercise. By learning how to embroider old photographs, we will directly experience how perception and memory are about change, reworking, and reweaving.


P21 Gallery

21 Chalton St, London NW1 1JD


Litehouse Gallery

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