The Punishment of Gaza

by Levy, Gideon


“There are more terrible atrocities in the world than what is being done to the caged prisoners of Gaza, but it is not easy to think of a more cruel and cowardly exhibition of human savagery, fully supported by the US, with Europe trailing politely behind. Gideon Levy’s passionate and revealing account is an eloquent, even desperate, call to bring this shocking tragedy to an end, as can easily be done.”–Noam Chomsky

“Levy has a way with words that leads him to some brilliant indictments of Israel.”–Asa Winstanley, “Electronic Intifada”

“Levy has made it his exclusive mission … to document the grim and brutal facts of the occupation, to tell the stories he knows Israelis do not want to hear … To this shiny nation–democratic, prosperous, confident in its righteousness–Levy holds up Gaza like a mirror.”–Ben Ehrenreich, “Nation”

“Gideon Levy is among a small group of Israeli journalists giving a face and a voice to Palestinians in the world’s most intractable conflict.”–Irwin Block, “Montreal Gazette”

“Levy … deals with the politically and emotionally charged subject of the hardships of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, and their conflicts with the Israeli military and Jewish settlers.”–Am Johal, “”

“The story of Gideon Levy–and the attempt to deride, suppress or deny his words–is the story of Israel distilled. If he loses, Israel itself is lost.”–Johann Hari, “Independent”

“An Israeli dedicated to saving his country’s honour.”–Nick Lezard, “Guardian”

About the Author

Described by Le Monde as a thorn in Israel’s flank, GIDEON LEVY is a prominent Israeli journalist. For over twenty years he has covered the IsraelPalestine conflict, in particular the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz in his column Twilight Zone.