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Arab civilization to AD 1500

by Dunlop, D. M.

Arab Guerilla Power

by O'Ballance, Edgar

Arab Gulf States

by Robison, Gordon

Arab in Israeli Literature, The

by Ramras-Rauch, Gila

Arab Jazz

by Miske, Karim

Arab Photography Now

by Issa, Rose Krifa, Michket

Arab Politics

by Hudson, Michael C.

Arab Rebirth

by Berque, Jacques

Arab Regional Women's Studies Workshop

by Cynthia Nelson Soraya Altorki

Arab States of the Lower Gulf

by Anthony, John Duke

Arab World, The

by Armanazi, Ghayth N.

Arab-Iranian Relations

by Haseeb, Khai El Din

Arab-Israeli Conflict, The

by Gilbert, Martin


by Morgan, Michael

Arabia Unified

by Almana, Mohammed

Arabia: In Search of the Golden Ages

by Michael Hamilton Morgan

Arabia's Frontiers

by Wilkinson, John C.

Arabian Days

by Philby, Harry St. J. B.

Arabian Flavours

by Jamal, Salah

Arabian Love Poems

by Kabbani, Nizar

Arabian Nights and Days

by Naguib Mahfouz

Arabian Nights, The

by Townsend, G. Fyler

Arabian Peninsula (Lonely Planet Country Guide)

by Fraces Linzee Gordon Anthony Ham, Virginia Maxwell, Jenny Walker

Arabian Sands

by Thesiger, Wilfred

Arabian Tales

by Kishtainy, Khalid

Arabian Time Machine

by Graham, Helga

Arabic and Islamic Themes

by Tibawi, A. L.

Arabic for Life

by Bassam K Frangieh

Arabic inscriptions in Jerusalem:

by Walls, Archibald G. Abdul-Hajj, Amal

Arabic Script

by Gabriel Mandel Kahn

Arabic Verbs & Essentials of Grammar

by Jane Wightwick Mahmoud Gaafar


by Issa, Rose


by Issa, Rose


by Mark Allen


by Allen, Mark

Arabs and the Art of Storytelling

by Abdelfattah Kilito

Arabs and the West, The

by Hollingworth, Clare

Arabs in Exile

by Halliday, Fred

Arabs in Exile

by Halliday, Fred

Arabs in History, The

by Lewis, Bernard

Arabs Without God

by Brian Whitaker

Arabs, The

by Mansfield, Peter

Arabs, The

by Atiyah, Edward

Arabs, The

by Berque, Jacques

Arabs, The

by Hottinger, Arnold

Arabs, The

by Eugene Rogan

Arabs, The

by Butt, Gerald


by Wallach, John Wallach, Janet


by Hart, Alan


by Said K. Aburish

Arafat the Biography

by Walker, Tony Gowers, Andrew

Arak and Mezze: The Taste of Lebanon

by Michael Karam Photographs by Norbert Schiller

Archaeology of Palestine, The

by Albright, W. F.

Ariadne's Thread

by Eleanor Aitken

Art & Patronage in the Middle East

by Amirsadeghi, Hossein Homayoun Eisler, Maryam

Art of Building in Yemen

by Varanda, Fernando

Art of Dhow-building in Kuwait, The

by Hijji, Ya'qub Yusuf. Al-

Art of the Middle East

by Eigner, Saeb

As Doha Said

by Bahaa Taher

As Though she were sleeping

by Khoury, Elias


by Seale, Patrick

Ashes of Hama

by Lefevre, Raphael

Asir before World War I

by Cornwallis, Kinahan

Aspects of Egypt

by Mannin, Ethel

At the Drop of a Veil

by Marianne Alireza

Authentic Egyptian Cooking

by Leheta, Nehal

Autumn of Fury

by Heikal, Mohamed

Awakened, The

by Ingrams, Doreen

Awakening, An

by Kirkbride, Alec

Axis of Evil Cookbook, The

by Gill Partington

Ayman Baalbaki

by Issa, Rose


by Ziedan, Youssef